Smoke Alarms

The Scottish Government has revised its statutory guidance on the requirements for smoke alarms in rented property.

The revision requires that there must be at least:

• One functioning smoke alarm in the room which is frequently used by the occupants for general daytime living purposes. i.e: lounge
• One functioning smoke alarm in every circulation space, such as hallways and landings
• One heat alarm in every kitchen
• All alarms should be interlinked

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

From 1 December 2015, the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 will introduce changes in relation to the requirement for provision of carbon monoxide alarms in private rented housing.

Landlords will be required to install working Carbon Monoxide alarms in every room or interconnecting space where there is a fixed combustion appliance. These appliances are boilers, fires (including open fires), heaters and stoves fuelled by solid fuel, oil or gas. Appliances solely used for cooking i.e gas hobs and ovens are exempt from this rule. There will also be a need for an alarm in bedrooms and living rooms where a flue passes through.

Further information can be found on the Private Rented Housing Panel (PRHP):