A Professional St. Andrews Letting Agent

Want to search through quality houses and flats to rent? Find the perfect property? Move in quickly and easily?

Well, Alba is the reliable and experienced letting agent in St. Andrews you need to help you achieve those goals!

At Alba St. Andrews we provide tenant services and landlord property management services across St. Andrews. Our mission is to help both tenants and landlords get the most out of rental properties, whether it’s through finding high-quality houses and flats to rent in the area, creating tenancy agreements and assisting new tenants, or offering comprehensive property management solutions that bring peace of mind to landlords letting out their properties. Our letting agents and property management specialists are fully qualified and committed to following proper letting standards, allowing landlords to rest assured that their house or flat is in safe hands.

Letting Agent you can rely on.

We’re all about being up-front and clear at Alba St. Andrews; we take care of both our landlords and tenants to ensure everyone is satisfied with all agreements, payments and property management arrangements from the outset. We provide a full-service day-to-day property management package that removes all the stress and worry of being a landlord – plus, our service is one of the most efficient and friendly in the St. Andrews area. What’s more, as a professional letting agent in St. Andrews, our staff are committed to finding, delivering and managing only the best rental properties on the market in the local area.

What makes a great letting agent?

  • Personal guidance and assistance throughout the letting process
  • Is able to take you to flexible viewings that suit your schedule
  • Clear communication and quick responses to any issues
  • Deposit is fully protected and secured for the duration of the tenancy
  • Assists with inventory management and property maintenance issues – even in an emergency
  • Thinks about your needs and budget when helping you find a house or flat to rent

Why to choose Alba St. Andrews

At Alba St. Andrews, these are our main strengths: communication, commitment, transparency and personal service. For a St. Andrews letting agent who ticks all the boxes, choose Alba St. Andrews. For a smooth tenancy process and stress-free property management services, there’s no need to go anywhere else. Contact us today to find out more.

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