Last Friday, Alba St Andrews gave something back to the community of St Andrews by manning the parking meters helping motorists by paying for their parking this Christmas. This created quite a buzz, featuring in several newspapers, as well as on STV News at 6!

From The Courier:

Meter maids bring festive cheer to St Andrews

A bevy of glamorous meter maids handed out free cash to motorists to help them park in St Andrews on one of the busiest Christmas shopping dates on the calendar.

The maids, from a local modelling agency, helped brighten the day for shoppers by handing out change for parking meters.

The event, which targeted South Street and Market Street, was the brainchild of Paul Dickens who runs local letting agency Alba St Andrews.

He wanted to give something back to hard-pressed motorists.


The news traveled all over the world, even creating a stir in Australia where the “meter maids” idea originated from! Company owner Paul did own up on STV News that the idea was not entirely his, but apparently that news didn’t reach Australia!