Introduction of Legionella Testing

Landlords of residential accommodation have always had a responsibility to ensure that the property they rent out is free from the bacteria Legionella which cause Legionnaires’ Disease. However, health and safety legislation, as set by the Health and Safety Executive, now requires landlords to carry out a risk assessment on their rental property, to identify […]

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Meter Maids create a buzz around the world!

Last Friday, Alba St Andrews gave something back to the community of St Andrews by manning the parking meters helping motorists by paying for their parking this Christmas. This created quite a buzz, featuring in several newspapers, as well as on STV News at 6! From The Courier: Meter maids bring festive cheer to St […]

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Meter Maids in St Andrews!

If you are looking to come into St Andrews today, we all know how difficult it is to get parked! Not only that, but you then have to dig around for a pound coin to pay for the privilege! Well today, if you time your visit right, Alba St Andrews is here to help. We […]

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burst pipe


WINTER WARNINGS! As it is now December and fast approaching the festive period, we realise many of you will take this opportunity to go home for the holidays! We hope you will enjoy any time you spend away, and would like to take this opportunity to issue some friendly reminders of your responsibilities to your […]

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Waitlist For 2015/2016 Academic Year

We are pleased to announce that our Waitlist for the 2015/2016 Academic Year will open on Monday 1st December. Calling on all Students who will be looking for accommodation for next year. Pop into our Office on Market Street and we will add your name to our Waitlist. Be quick as the properties go fast. […]

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